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At Maupin's Stoves & Spas, we are pleased to offer appliances that are built with a commitment to high quality, performance, and durability. The brands of hearth products we carry are designed to compliment your home decor and engineered to meet your home heating needs. So whether online or in our store, we welcome you to view a sampling of our comprehensive selection of hearth products.


Gas fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts give maximum convenience, performance, and efficiency. Use a wall thermostat to set your comfort level, or choose an optional remote control to set the temperature or light the fire from your arm-chair.   Logs molded from actual pieces of wood and glowing ember beds create unmatched realism and uncompromised beauty. High-efficiency direct-vent technology keeps your family safe, warm, and cozy while keeping your heat bill under control. Heat the room you're in or the whole house—it's your choice.



Consistent, efficient, and responsible heat is what you get from our pellet appliances.  Wood pellet fuel is carbon neutral, contributing no net carbon dioxide to the environment.  Our fully-automatic pellet appliances heat your home to your desired comfort level and then turn off, waiting for the next time your home needs heat, whether you're there or not.  Would you like to try something besides wood pellets?  The Advanced Energy series can also use shelled corn, wheat, or black oil sunflower seeds.  Just make sure there's fuel in the hopper before you leave.



A real wood fire satisfies like no imitation can. Each fire is unique, following its random path from lit kindling to dramatic flames to red coals. The soft glow of the fire creates a memorable setting for intimate conversation. It's the place where family and friends gather. Gazing into the fire in a quiet moment, your imagination is free to soar on flights of fancy or probe the depths of the soul.



If you love the look of masonry fireplaces, but adding one is either cost or location prohibitive, then a gas or wood burning fireplace is a great option for you!  Many of these units now offer creative venting solutions and zero-clearances making it possible for just about anyone to create a warm and inviting focal point in any room of their home.

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